Train layout designer / maker by François CREVOLA

( francois [AT] crevola [DOT] org )

This software was mostly inspired by the Geotrax (Rail & Road System) toys from Fisher Price. So, you will find some tracks you are already familiar with, as well as new tracks. In fact, my idea is mostly to simulate "new" kind of tracks that I don't own or that doesn't exists in real life.

Press R to toogle on / off the display of Reference points. Press F to toogle on / off alignment on grid. Press G to toogle on / off the display of the Grid. Press P to toogle on / off the display of the Paths. Press Q to toogle on / off the display/use of color. Press 0, 1 or 2 to load circuit 0, 1 or 2. Press F to toogle on / off the 'align on grid' mode
You can use arrows UP and DOWN to rotate the current piece, RIGHT and LEFT to select a new piece, MOUSE CLICK to drop the piece (or to take a piece) ...
Press C to clear the screen, Press Z to Undo a drop. Press D to have / not have a piece of track under your mouse ... or DEL to delete piece under your mouse

Press + or - on the keyboard numPad to zoom in / zoom out (or use mouse wheel)

(you are using a very early alpha-release of this project)

To create new tracks using the merge feature, when you have no track under your mouse (press "D") you can click and drag to make a red rectangle apear. Please see this video :